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Specifically designed for those who have graduated or are attending an approved accredited psychoanalytic institute.

Since 1979 International University for Graduate Studies (IUGS) has been conferring doctorates in psychoanalysis. The results have been career enhancement, personal satisfaction and increased professional abilities for the recipients of these doctoral degrees.ÂÂ

The doctoral programmes, the PhD and the D.Psychoan, are offered to candidates who have an appropriate professional background. Graduates have contributed by teaching, research and publishing as well as in their therapeutic practices, and interaction with International Psychoanalytic Institutes including the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis.

IUGS accepts courses from approved Psychoanalytic Institutes. Students who graduate from an approved accredited graduate Institute will automatically be accepted into the Programme and credit for all their institute studies will be granted.  Students may enter the Doctoral Programme before completing their institute training. IUGS is dedicated to maintaining a standard of excellence while understanding the needs of adult learners who are busy professionals.



Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Doctor of Psychoanalysis (DPsychoan) Degree Requirements

  • A relevant master’s degree.
  • Documented pertinent professional experience.
  • 93 credits*, which include the following:

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

  • 66 post-baccalaureate graduate credits* on-line with IUGS or in transfer, prior to, or after admission.
  • Research and Design, I, II. (12 credits)**
  • The eight-day Graduate Seminar at the ten-day Residency (3 credits).
  • A Dissertation and Oral Defense. (12 Credits)

Doctor of Psychoanalysis (DPsychoan)

  • 66 post-baccalaureate graduate credits* on-line with IUGS or in transfer, prior t o, or after admission.
  • Research and Design I & II. (12 credits)**
  • The eight-day Graduate Seminar at the ten-day Residency (3 credits).
  • A Project and Oral Examination. (12 Credits)

*All relevant graduate credit, including those credits from graduate degrees, as well as approved graduate level, continuing education, certification and licensing coursework.

** Distance Learning.


What are the costs?


Application Fee $250 (non-refundable)

Doctoral Degrees

Tuition (Includes advisement, library fees, the Graduate Seminar, workshops, Research and Design I & II, the external and internal reviews of the project or the dissertation, the oral project examination or the oral dissertation defence and the printing and binding of the project or the dissertation.)1 $20,000
*Mentor Fee (PhD candidates are required to hire a mentor. For non-PhD candidates a mentor is suggested but is not required). The typical mentor fee is $1,500 but is negotiated between the candidate and the mentor. *$1,500
Travel, food and lodging (Estimate) $2,000
Total Cost without mentor $22,000
Total Cost  with mentor $23,500

1 Total Cost does not include the cost for the evaluation of continuing education course content or for the testing of unevaluated continuing education coursework submitted for transfer, or online courses offered by the University.

Graded (evaluated) $200 per credit
Ungraded (unevaluated) $300 per credit
Independent study and online courses (if needed) $450 per credit


Meet the Dean – Dr. Stephen A. Daniel

Stephen A. Daniel, MA, PhD

Dean, Faculty of Behavioural Health
Director of Research and Grants