Designed for professionals with diverse educational backgrounds
and experience, programmes at IUGS are structured to meet the needs of
qualified people seeking to complete their formal credentials.

By combining English and American graduate education models, practicing professionals who have accumulated substantial post baccalaureate coursework now have the opportunity to expeditiously earn their master’s or doctoral degrees and certifications through blended pathways.

Many students have completed their required coursework, but have not completed their dissertation or thesis.  Others have accumulated ample graduate credits, but have not taken the required courses to earn their degree.  Still, others have taken the required courses, but have found these courses were not accepted for transfer.

IUGS accepts for transfer all relevant post baccalaureate coursework earned at accredited institutions, including approved continuing education, licensing and certification coursework prior to or after admission. 

At International University for Graduate Studies you may pursue one of two pathways to earn your doctorate. The Professional Doctorate or the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

The Professional Doctorate focuses on applying your research acquired from your clients to provide techniques to enhance your practice. The PhD is a degree focused on original research, data analysis and the evaluation of theory and the research of others.

Both the PhD and the Professional Doctorate offer opportunities to serve your clients. Both allow the opportunity to teach at institutions of higher education. 

Since most candidates are mid-life professionals, they are acknowledged as peers and are respected for their career, personal, and scholastic accomplishments.  The traditional professor-student relationship is replaced with academic and professional fellowship.  A bonding among the candidates, as well as between the candidates and the professors, is developed and continues beyond graduation.

The University was founded in 1979. It is a licensed University with the power to grant degrees. IUGS has received various accreditations since it was established forty years ago.  IUGS has earned academic and professional recognition and approval from public and private organizations.  Every professor is a practicing professional who has earned at least one doctorate.  Therefore, academic and practical knowledge is integrated into the IUGS learning experience.

I believe that academic territorial barriers that prohibit the transfer of coursework from one institution to another inhibits the credentialing of many qualified students.  To serve these mature professionally accomplished individuals who have accumulated substantial post baccalaureate coursework, International University for Graduate Studies has created an academic model which allows the earning of graduate degrees at a lower sacrifice of time and money as compared to the alternatives.”

Benjamin Brucker Weisman, PhD

International University for Graduate Studies Believes

  • A need exists for graduate degrees that are affordable, are individually paced, possess academic integrity and allow doctoral and master’s candidates to continue to meet their other obligations.
  • All relevant post-baccalaureate credits from accredited institutions should be accepted for transfer.
  • Most post-baccalaureate credits required for licensing and certification should be accepted for transfer.
  • Graduate students should have the right to take post-baccalaureate coursework at various institutions that serve their professional and personal objectives.
  • Graduate students seeking degrees should be required to take, or to have previously taken, the traditional number of post-baccalaureate credits required by major universities.
  • Graduate students should be individually recognized and respected for their professional and academic accomplishments.
  • Students with professional maturity and relevant life experience are the best candidates to pursue graduate studies.
Benefits Of An IUGS Doctoral Degree As Reported By Our Alumni
  • An increase in knowledge for practitioners, researchers, administrators, and teachers;
  • A greater acceptance when applying for positions in government, business and education;
  • An ability to increase client fees with less resistance;
  • A greater ability to receive third-party benefit payments including those that were previously denied;
  • The psychic benefits and the increased respect from others, when referred to as “doctor”.

Alumni and Visiting Professors Testimonials

“I never experienced the level of intellectual discourse and enthusiasm from students as I did when I taught at IUGS. What you offer your doctoral candidates is to be applauded.”

Stanley W. Thompson, EdD
Education Program Director,
The Heinz Foundation Endowments
Visiting Professor

“While I cannot vouch for every student, in general, the level of discussion that I observed and the students’ capacity to learn new material was commensurate with what I’ve observed from students enrolled in other doctoral programs.”

Ronald D. Siegel, PsyD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology
at Harvard Medical School
Visiting Professor

“Atypical of many graduate programs, the students were incorporating their school experience directly to their professional work.”

Claudia Black, PhD
Leading Expert in Addiction and Co-dependency
Visiting Professor

“The location was heavenly, the faculty stimulating and the students absolutely stunning.”

Harville Hendrix, PhD
World Renowned Writer and Co-founder of Imago
Visiting Professor