Procedure for Converting Continuing Education Coursework into Academic Credits

The University will accept appropriate continuing education coursework for academic credit. Acceptance is at the discretion of the Dean of the degree programme to which the candidate is applying.


  • CE FORM – 2108 should be completed and sent to the Dean with appropriate evidence of the continuing education coursework.
  • One (1) credit will be granted for each ten (10) contact hours under the following conditions:
    1. Course content must be judged by the Dean to be at the graduate level and relevant to the candidate’s degree;
    2. Proof of attendance;
    3. A passing grade (If the candidate’s coursework has not been graded, an examination consisting of a submitted paper of eight or more double-spaced pages for each credit granted. The candidate will then submit the paper(s) to the Dean for grading. Upon approval, by the Dean appropriate credits will be granted;
    4. Fees: Two hundred dollars ($200) will be charged for the evaluation of each graded credit (10 contact hours); three hundred dollars ($300) will be charged for the evaluation and examination of each ungraded credit (10 contact hours) that is submitted for approval;
    5. The University offers, if needed, online courses at four hundred fifty dollars ($450) per credit.

A record of all converted continuing education coursework along with the evidence of examination (testing) will be kept in the candidate’s permanent portfolio.