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Daniel Jordan, MA, PhD, ABPP

Dean, Faculty of Organisational and Political Psychology

Dean, Faculty of Public Health, Healthcare Administration

Chair, Institutional Review Board

Dr Daniel Jordan has an inter-field PhD in psychology and education from Claremont Graduate School. He is a California licensed social psychologist and a nationally board certified organizational psychologist (American Board of Professional Psychology). He has focused his career on developing health and human services systems of care, writing grants, management consulting, and conducting applied research. He has 35 years of experience in mental health, human services, health care systems, and as a legislative aide in the California State legislature.

Dr Jordan retired after 29 years as a research psychologist at the Ventura County (California) Health Care Agency. He conducted applied field research and developed interagency systems of care, evaluated programs and systems of care, managed Public Health Community Transformation Division, and consulted with senior agency managers on organizational improvement strategies. He is a Lean Six Sigma process improvement and development consultant. He has evaluated and conducted research in in mental health, hospital, public health, and outpatient clinic settings.

With a life-long commitment to human rights and social justice, Dr Jordan has advocated for and worked to improve equal access and cultural competency in all areas of health and human services. In addition to published works, Dr Jordan has developed continuing education courses such as “The Clinician and Social Justice.” He has helped develop educational opportunities for those who had difficulties obtaining a higher education. He taught community college courses lecturing in sociology courses such as “Social Problems” and “Racial and Ethnic Relations.” Dr Jordan has continually developed strategies to advocate for social justice and the need to include human rights and equality as a part of contemporary social dialogue. He was a board member of the Social Justice Fund for Ventura County is a member of Psychologists for Social Responsibility.